DLang Elite Camp Program

The mission of DLANG ELITE BASKETBALL CAMP is to provide our athletes with a program, that focuses on player development, we place emphasis on learning, mental stimulation, and physical development.

Our Camps are supervised and implemented by certified elite training staff and designed to make a positive impact on our young athletes’ lives.

We thrive to help you achieve your goals and become a better player as well as prepare yourself for progression.

The Dlang Elite Camp programs development goals are to better develop each player’s;

  • physical and mental skills
  • ability and character skills
  • ability to adapt through intense situations

We expect each player to learn how to compete, we challenge their ability to give maximum effort, be disciplined/dedicated and to understand the importance of team work in basketball, without forgetting the hard work it takes to develop individual skills. We encourage our players to respect the game and teach them that in return the game will respect them.

We give our players opportunity in a variety of facets:

  1. Opportunity to have knowledgeable and dedicated coaches.
  2. Opportunity to be evaluated by coaches with high level experience in college, training programs, mentorship, and skill enhancement.
  3. Opportunity to be scouted and have a chance to play in American high school, prep school.
  4. Opportunity to be educated in the areas of strength and conditioning, skill development, agility, speed, defense, scoring inside out, and much more. we want to train players to be efficient, effective and grasp a different element of the game that will help them to pursue their dreams
  5. Our program will dedicate a percentage of our revenue to provide aid in sponsorships to youth who are serious about having the American experience of playing against peers of the highest order of basketball.

We will create the most intense camp atmosphere of basketball never seen in Switzerland, with a high level of knowledge, experience implemented into the trainings and skill related techniques.

Come to our camp and have an impact like never before.

LOCAL – International School of Lausanne


SKILLS DEVELOPMENT CAMP: April 22th-25th * Flexible Attendant Days

Camp Check-in: 8:30-8:45 AM
Camp Hours. Monday – Thursday  at 9:00AM-16:00PM

Camp Meals:
Camp Lunch Hours: Monday-Thursday 11:45AM-13:45PM  Overnight Campers Dinner 19:30


In order to be successful there has to be a strong foundation. If a builder is building a house, he must have a strong foundation in order for the house to stand properly over time. Well, the same is for basketball. There must be a strong foundation in fundamentals for continuous individual improvement. In addition to an emphasis on skill development, camp will also aim to improve each players athleticism and explosiveness.


Lunch is provided for full day campers, and for Overnight Campers dinner is paid for.


Upon arrival, all participants are evaluated by the staff so that their own instructional needs can be addressed throughout the week. In addition, campers will be evaluated and then split up into smaller groups according to age and ability. Parents are invited to attend the closing ceremony! Departure immediately following.


HOUSING LOCATION: Lausanne GuestHouse & Backpacker
Chemin des Espinettes 4, 1007 Lausanne
*Local Bus and Metro pass included in stay
GYM LOCATION: International School of Lausanne
Chemin de la Grangette, 1052 Le Mont-Sur Lausanne

A detailed camper registration packet containing check in location, health/release forms, emergency contact numbers, and a checklist of things to bring will be emailed to all registered campers. health and release forms do not require a doctor’s signature and they will be collected on the first day of camp or thru email.


We cannot offer scholarships due to NCAA regulations. Our affiliation with NCAA coaches and schools puts us in a position where any scholarship money can be seen as an inducement to a future collegiate athlete. This puts our coaches and our host in jeopardy of damaging their status with the NCAA and incurring penalties at the hands of their organizing body.

  • 9:00 Check-In
  • 9:30 AM Elite Group Selection -Grouping Age
  • 10:00 AM One on One Moves
  • 10:30 AM Defensive Work (stance, movement, communication, desire)
  • 11:00 AM Shooting Work (foot alignment, shoulder alignment, balance, selection, technique)
  • 11:30 AM Ball Handling Elite skills
  • 12:00 PM Lunch
  • 1:15 PM Lunch ends
  • 1:30 PM Stretching/Warm-Up
  • 2:00 PM Global Drill
  • 2:30 PM SAQ Development
  • 3:00 PM Offensive Tactical Development & Defensive Fundamentals
  • 3:30 PM Shooting Skills Competition
  • 4:00 PM Ending Speech Dismissal

Schedule subject to changes to fit coaches needs for training!!!!